Sitka® Bino Bivy Harness - 12x-15x - Optifade Open Country™ or Subalpine™ Camo

Brand: Sitka

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Sitka® Bino Bivy Harness - 12x-15x

The Sitka® 12x-15x Bino Bivy Harness allows you to keep your highly valued binoculars safe, secure and protected from extreme conditions and treacherous terrain. The 12x-15x Bino Bivy is a lightweight, mesh, torso harness system with attached padded optic pocket to fit binoculars up to 10x40 magnification. 

This 12x-15x Bino Bivy Harness comes in Optifade™ Open Country or Subalpine Camo pattern. The basis of GORE® Camo Concealment is to prevent the animal from recognizing the hunter as a predator. The human body is made up of identifiable lines and obvious symmetry that is easily recognized by deer and other prey. The key to concealment is to interrupt those lines with macro-patterns of light and dark blobs while matching the texture of the environment using micro-patterns. The Optifade™ Concealment Camo pattern is specifically made for spot and stalk hunting in a mountain environment.

The harness accessory pockets keep other essentials handy. Magnetic closures hold the optic pocket flap open or closed, and make for quick, easy access to your binoculars. DRW water repellant finish on the soft shell, GORE® OPTIFADE™ fabric keeps your optics dry in questionable weather. Lens cloth and leash are included. Get the ultimate in padded optic protection with the well designed Sitka® Bino Bivy Harness.