Bergara® ST1 (Self Timing) Muzzle Brake

Brand: Bergara

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Bergara ST1 Muzzle Brake

The Bergara ST1 Muzzle Brake is designed with angled baffles that apply downward pressure yet avoid gas ventilation in your line of sight and also keep ground disturbance at a minimum. This design significantly reduces felt recoil and minimizes muzzle rise for faster reacquisition of your target.

Available in two different diameters, depending on the caliber of rifle you are intending to use. For calibers like 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.5 PRC and smaller, use the 6.5 Diameter muzzle brake. For calibers like .300 Win Mag or 300 PRC and smaller, use the .308 Diameter muzzle brake. While using the .308 diameter brake on all calibers is possible, you will experience slightly more recoil reduction by choosing the 6.5 caliber brake for smaller bores.

Installation of this brake is incredibly simple and can be done at home, but gunsmith installation is recommended. This kit includes a bubble level and wrench to tighten and level the brake.