Superfeet Insoles - Hike Cushion - Medium/High - Max Thickness

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The Superfeet hiking insoles are an excellent upgrade for any hiking boot. The Hike Cushion insole is designed to provide comfort with lightly structured support that is made to feel like part of your hiking footwear.

Patented Adaptive Comfort Technology™ flexes and adapts to the foot's natural motion while an energizing heel cushion disperses impact and reduces fatigue.

For ease of use, this insole is designed to replace the removable liner that comes standard from the factory in any hiking footwear. Simply remove the factory liner and slip the Superfeet Hike Cushion Insole into your favorite pair of boots or shoes and head for your next adventure.

These hiking boot insoles work for nearly every foot size and can be trimmed to fit your size in seconds. You will notice that the size options come in a few ranges. To ensure you get the correct fit simply select the size range that covers your shoe size and you can make any needed adjustments to the fit once you receive the insole.

For a quick guide on trimming your new insoles checkout the video below


Product Features:

Superfeet Hike Cushion Insoles
A. MEDIUM TO HIGH ARCH SUPERFEET SHAPE Medium to high arch flexible support in a cushioned hiking insole made to fit well in hiking boots, trail shoes, and outdoor footwear
B. ADAPTIVE COMFORT TECHNOLOGY™ Patented design flexes with you, adapting your footwear to the way your feet move
C. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Superfeet insoles keep their shape, delivering reliable support and comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first
D. MOISTUREWICK™ Helps reduce odors and keeps feet fresh
E. ENERGIZING HEEL CUSHION Disperses impact and reduces vibration to minimize fatigue
Blends cushioning and rebound to add a spring to every step
Helps your foot relax in the shoe and provides optimal cushioning


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