Sitka® Trucker Hat - Optifade Camo Patterns

Brand: Ochocos Outdoors, Inc.

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Sitka® Trucker Hat Optifade

The Sitka® Trucker Hat is offered in 5 different Optifade camo patterns exclusive to Sitka, including, Elevated II, Open Country, Subalpine, Waterfowl Marsh and Waterfowl Timber. Each of these patterns is designed for a specific type of terrain for hunting applications, however, the hat can be worn as everyday wear as Sitka does an excellent job of making their hats comfortable and stylish. The Sitka Trucker Hat is designed with a mesh back to shade your head while allowing proper ventilation to keep your head comfortable. The front panel of each hat features the Sitka Logo on a field of one of the five Optifade camo patterns listed above. When it comes to high-quality camo gear Sitka® is the leading brand on all fronts, offering innovative camo patterns and clothing designs to ensure you can maintain peak performance no matter the activity you are pursuing.  

Optifade Pattern Applications:

  • Optifade Elevated II: Ideal for Vegetated Terrain & Elevated Ambush Hunting Scenarios
  • Optifade Open Country: Ideal for Open Terrain & Spot and Stalk Hunting Scenarios
  • Optifade Subalpine: Ideal for Vegetated Terrain & Ground Ambush Hunting Scenarios
  • Optifade Waterfowl Marsh: Ideal for Marsh/Field & Dry Field/Wetland Hunting Scenarios
  • Optifade Waterfowl Timber: Ideal for Timbered Terrain & Open Water/Backwater Hunting Scenarios