Traditions Crackshot™ XBR™ Rifle - Black Stock

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Traditions Crackshot XBR™

The Traditions® Crackshot™ XBR™ combines the popular Crackshot™ single shot rifle with a brand new upper that allows you to swap the .22 caliber rifle barrel with a barrel that fires arrows.

The new Crackshot™ XBR™ package comes with the standard Crackshot™ rifle in .22 caliber and the new XBR™ upper. The new upper easily changes your Crackshot™ rifle into the Crackshot™ XBR™ which allows you to fire the Traditions® Firebolt™ 16” arrows. The inner barrel allows you to load the gun like a muzzleloader and the hollow end of the arrow slides down until it reaches the end of the barrel. Traditions™ has designed the XBR™ upper with an outer shroud that protects the inner barrel as well as offering additional safety for the shooter. To operate the gun, simply load the arrow into the barrel, break open the action of the rifle, and load a Traditions® XBR™ Powerload. Next, you close the action, pull back the hammer, and fire at your target when ready. This combo effectively provides you with two completely different guns that operate off of the same platform!

The Crackshot™ XBR™ pulls the arrow from the front rather than pushing the arrow from the back. This allows the arrow to travel on a flatter trajectory and group much tighter than standard bows and crossbows. The New XBR™ launches arrows at speeds up to 385 FPS (Feet Per Second) giving the arrow 94 foot pounds of energy at 30 yards and allowing your shot to carry lethal velocity out to 70 yards.

The Crackshot™ XBR™ is designed with safety in mind. It is built to be user friendly for all ages and is manufactured with a manual safety switch, which makes operating the firearm a very safe process. Featuring lightweight construction and low recoil, the Traditions® XBR™ is a great option for youths and those who have a physical disability. These great features make hunting more accessible for people who are unable to physically use a bow or crossbow. The Traditions® Crackshot™ XBR™ requires minimal maintenance and cleaning, making it very easy to keep your gun at peak performance.



Safety Notice: The Traditions® Crackshot™ XBR™ should only be used with the Traditions™ XBR™ Powerload .27 caliber.