Hornady® A-Tip™ Match Bullets - 100 Pack

Brand: Hornady

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Hornady® A-Tip™ Match Bullets

Hornady® A-Tip™ Match Bullets are designed to be the ultimate low drag, high-performance match bullet on the market today. Constructed with aluminum tips, the A-Tip Match bullet is finely tuned to ensure the bullet is the most accurate match grade bullet ever produced by Hornady®. By using aluminum, rather than a polymer tip, the A-Tip bullet can be perfectly machined to position the center of gravity in the exact right location, to rapidly reduce non-linear motion in the bullet after it leaves the barrel. This ensures that you have far greater precision and accuracy at long range targets.

Another key feature of the Hornady® A-Tip™ Match bullet is the fact that Hornady® packages the bullets in sequential order. This is revolutionary for custom loaders and reloaders, as it ensures you have perfectly consistent bullets, made from the same batch material. This allows you to have the confidence you need to start reloading the bullets right out of the box, rather than having to spend hours weighing and sorting each bullet. To prep the bullets, simply grab a few and gently clean the factory grease and oils off using the included bag that comes with each box of bullets.

The A-Tip™ bullet is guaranteed to be the most accurate match grade bullet you have ever fired. Hornady® is confident that it will easily match and even outmatch other bullets of the same class designed for extreme accuracy at seriously long range targets. All these features make the A-Tip the most desirable long-range competition bullet on the market, and well worth the price.

The Hornady® A-Tip™ Match Bullet is produced in 6mm/.243 Cal 110-grain, 6.5mm/.264 Cal 135-grain, 6.5mm/.264 Cal 153-grain, 30 Cal .308" 230-grain and 30 Cal .308" 250-grain sizes. A list of calibers, grain weights, and ballistic coefficients is listed below for quick reference.


The Hornady® A-Tip™ Match Bullet is produced in the following calibers and grain weights:

  • 22 Cal - .224" - 90-Grain
  • 6mm - .243"- 110-Grain
  • 6.5mm - .264" - 135-Grain
  • 6.5mm - .264" - 153-Grain
  • 30 Cal - .308" - 230-Grain
  • 30 Cal - .308" - 250-Grain