Vortex® Impact 1000™ Rangefinder with HCD - LRF101 - 6x20

Brand: Vortex

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The Vortex™ 6x20mm Impact 1000 Laser Rangefinder gives you the confidence you need to take that long shot—even if you're shooting up or downhill.

Its built-in inclinometer measures the relative angle at ±60° and can provide you with an adjusted distance to improve your accuracy. You can choose between spot readings or continuous measurement with the range displayed in either yards or meters. All your ranging information is presented in the clear and easy-to-read in-view display without cluttering your field of view.

Beyond its ranging capabilities, the Impact 1000 is a competent 6x20 monocular, with an ergonomically designed housing for a comfortable grip that is O-ring sealed to make it waterproof against most wet weather. Measuring under 4-inches long and weighing 5.5 ounces, you'll be able to pack, carry, and use this rangefinder all day without a problem.


  • 6x magnification ensures a wide field of view for scanning the terrain while allowing positive identification
  • 20mm objective keeps the form factor low for easier carrying and handling
  • Roof prism optical path produces a design that fits naturally in the hand
  • Spacious 341' field of view at 100 yards


  • Class 1M eye-safe laser
  • Minimum metering range of 5 yards
  • Maximum metering range of 1000 yards to reflective surface, 800 yards to a tree, and 500 yards to a deer
  • ±1 yard at 100 yards accuracy
  • Built-in inclinometer measures the relative angle between the user and the target, uphill or downhill at ±60°
  • HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) mode: Using the inclinometer and the linear range, the rangefinder can provide an adjusted distance to improve first-shot accuracy
  • Choose simple LOS (Line of Sight) distance, without regard for angle—although the angle to the target will also be displayed
  • <1 second measuring time
  • Spot or continuous scan modes
  • Runs on one included CR2 battery

Handling and Construction

  • Easy two-button operation with intuitive menu-driven interface
  • Choose between yards or meters range display
  • Simple, uncluttered display provides clear view of subject and readings
  • ±3 dioptric correction
  • 15mm max eye relief
  • Comfortable 3.3mm exit pupil
  • Compact and lightweight design measures less than 4-inches long and weighs just 5.5 ounces
  • Broad 14 to 131°F operating temperature
  • Textured grip provides sure handling in cold and wet weather
  • O-ring sealed to be waterproof against driving rain
  • Includes wrist strap and soft carrying case