Sitka® Cap - Optifade Camo and Mono Color Hats

Brand: Ochocos Outdoors, Inc.

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Sitka® Cap Hat - Optifade Camo - One Size

The Sitka™ Cap Hat is the best fitting, most durable hat you can own. The cap is extremely light and breathable, making for a perfect combination. The cap’s stretch woven fabric with DRW coating for water resistance protects your face from the sun’s harmful rays while keeping your face shaded to reduce glare your game sees.

The elasticity of the material makes this cap extremely comfortable to wear all day as the stretch headband wicks away moisture while keeping the cap firmly in place. The pliability of the bill is a solid feature, bend the bill to keep sun out of your eyes or flatten it out for increased visibility. On colder days, keep the Sitka® Cap Hat on and pull the Sitka® Dakota beanie over the top for added warmth.

The hat comes in two distinct Camo patterns: the Optifide Concealment Open Country and Optifade Concealment Elevated II Camo. The premise of GORE® OPTIFADE™ Concealment is to prevent the animal from recognizing the hunter as a predator. The human body is made up of identifiable lines and obvious symmetry that is easily recognized by deer and other prey. The key to concealment is to interrupt those lines with macro-patterns of light and dark blobs while matching the texture of the environment using micro-patterns.

GORE® OPTIFADE™ Elevated concealment pattern is optimized for elevated hunting in a wooded environment, while GORE® OPTIFADE™ Concealment Open Country pattern is optimized for spot and stalk hunting in a mountain environment. While the Subalpine Camo Pattern is made for high elevation timer country. Light, durable and great fitting, these stylish caps are the all-around perfect piece of gear to own.