Hornady® NTX Lead Free Small Game Bullets - 100 Count

Brand: Hornady

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Hornady® NTX Bullets

The Hornady® NTX Bullets are a lead-free alternative small game bullet that meet the requirements of lead-free hunting areas. The NTX bullet is designed to offer the same great accuracy and precision as all Honrady® products and is ideal for small game hunting and target shooting. The Hornady® NTX bullet is designed with a special frangible copper alloy core material that allows the bullet to retain excellent accuracy, reliability and precision so you can be confident in the shots you take. While lead is an excellent core material for bullets not every state allows the use of lead bullets during hunting seasons and it is for this purpose that Hornady has created the NTX bullet. 

The NTX bullet features a small space between the core and the shaft of the polymer tip allowing the bullet to build up additional energy upon impact before driving into the core. This increases the force dramatically and allows the bullet to almost instantaneously expand upon impact and also allows the bullet to fragment rapidly for added impact trauma. The Hornady® NTX bullets are the best non-lead bullet on the market today and are perfect for hunters and shooters everywhere who can not or choose not to use a lead bullet.