Hodgdon Longshot Pistol & Shotgun Powder - 1LB - LS1

Brand: Hodgdon

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LONGSHOT, the pinnacle of spherical powder perfection designed for heavy field loads. This versatile shotshell propellant delivers true magnum velocities while ensuring superb patterns, making it an indispensable choice for discerning shooters.

Crafted with precision in the USA, LONGSHOT has proven its mettle across various gauges, including 28-, 20-, 16-, and 12-gauge loads, as showcased in Hodgdon's Reloading Data Center. Its consistent performance has made it a trusted companion for enthusiasts seeking top-notch results in the field.

Not just limited to shotshells, LONGSHOT stands out as the high-velocity pistol powder of choice for 38 Super, 40 S&W, and 357 SIG. What sets it apart is its ability to achieve remarkable speeds at lower-than-usual operating pressures, ensuring a smooth and reliable shooting experience.

For competitive shooters engaged in games like "Buddy" and "Annie Oakley," LONGSHOT emerges as the optimal selection, thanks to its unmatched performance and versatility. When you choose LONGSHOT, you're opting for a premium powder that delivers on both power and precision, proudly made in the USA. Elevate your shooting experience with LONGSHOT – where excellence meets velocity.