Eley™ Match .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition - 40 Grain - 50 Count

Brand: Eley

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ELEY Match .22LR ammunition is renowned for its exceptional accuracy. ELEY Match solidifies its position as the second-best in the world, only surpassed by its esteemed counterpart, ELEY Tenex, the unrivaled number one.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ELEY Match boasts a patented flat nose profile and a precisely cut mouth case, ensuring unparalleled consistency in internal ballistics performance. This precision-engineered design translates into consistently tight groupings and pinpoint accuracy, giving shooters the edge they need to excel on the competition circuit.

Each ELEY Match cartridge undergoes a rigorous quality control process, leaving nothing to chance. From computer-controlled visual inspection to finely calibrated measuring equipment, every aspect of production is scrutinized with precision. Guided by our team of exacting engineers, every cartridge that bears the ELEY Match name represents the epitome of reliability and accuracy, setting the standard for .22LR ammunition worldwide.

Compatible Disciplines:

50 Meter Prone
50 Meter 3 Position
50 Meter Free Pistol

Compatible Firearms:

.22LR Rifle
.22LR Pistol


Cartridge Specifications:

 Bullet Profile Flat Nose
Cartridge Length 1 Inch
Bullet Weight 40 Grains
Mean Muzzle Velocity 1040-1085 ft/s
100 Yard Velocity 935 ft/s
Lubricant Beeswax-tallow

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