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The Crispi Idaho II GTX Hunting Boot has become one of the most popular hunting boots for hunters out west. This boot is ideally suited for serious mountain terrain and features a 10" height for added support and stability on rocky side slopes and near vertical ascents and descents. Even though the boot is extra tall the weight is still kept very manageable at 2.05 lbs making them a great backcountry option.

The base of the boot features rubber rand all the way from toe to heel with PU-coated heel and top caps and Kevlar switching to increase the durability and life of the boot. In addition, the Idaho II GTX features a rubber Vibram™ sole with an aggressive tread that will provide solid footing and traction no matter the terrain and conditions.

To ensure maximum stability and comfort Crispi has constructed the Idaho II GTX with WFW technology and the CCF Crispi® Crossbow Frame. Additionally, the Idaho II GTX features a dual-density polyurethane midsole adding all-day comfort and ground-feel sensitivity for early-season stalks.

This boot features the well know Gore-Tex® lining to ensure your feet are properly waterproofed and breathable. Keeping your feet dry is half the battle when deep in the backcountry, Gore-Tex® ensures you don't have to constantly worry about keeping your feet dry so you can focus on the hunt.

The interior of the boot is built for exceptional comfort. These boots are meticulously crafted and do not have any interior seams that rub on your foot in an uncomfortable fashion like many lower-quality boots on the market.

When it comes to your feet it is imperative to have a solid and comfortable boot when out in the backcountry. If you have ever found yourself on a hunt, hike or even job site with a brand-new pair of boots that rubbed the wrong way, you know how miserable things can get in a hurry. That is where Crispi is different. Every pair of Crispi boots is handcrafted to the highest quality standards to ensure a snug and comfortable fit to minimize opportunities for blistering and sore feet. When you lace up a pair of Crispi boots you can be confident that they are going to go as far as you are willing to hike without encumbering your effort.

Don't let uncomfortable boots ruin your next hunt, be sure to equip yourself for success with a quality set of Crispi Idaho II GTX boots and conquer any terrain that lies before you.