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Brand: Crispi

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The Crispi Guide GTX Boot is one of the best hunting boots on the market. The Guide boot has all of the same great features of the Nevada boot with an added 2" inches of height for increased ankle stability. This boot is made of sturdy water-repellant Nubuk leather and features 5 lace loop pairs and 5 lace hook pairs on each side of the boot. This allows for lacing optimization to maximize comfort and stability in a variety of difficult terrain features.

The base of the boot features rubber rand all the way from toe to heel to increase the durability and life of the boot. In addition, the Guide GTX features a rubber Vibram™ sole with an aggressive tread that will provide solid footing and traction no matter the terrain and conditions.

The interior of the boot is built for exceptional comfort. These boots are meticulously crafted and do not have any interior seams that rub on your foot in an uncomfortable fashion like many lower-quality boots on the market.

For this particular model, Crispi made the boot non-insulated to keep your feet from sweating excessively in warmer hunting climates and to provide more room for a moisture-wicking sock of your choice.

When it comes to your feet it is imperative to have a solid and comfortable boot when out in the backcountry. If you have ever found yourself on a hunt, hike or even job site with a brand-new pair of boots that rubbed the wrong way, you know how miserable things can get in a hurry. That is where Crispi is different. Every pair of Crispi boots is handcrafted to the highest quality standards to ensure a snug and comfortable fit to minimize opportunities for blistering and sore feet. When you lace up a pair of Crispi boots you can be confident that they are going to go as far as you are willing to hike without encumbering your effort.

Don't let uncomfortable boots ruin your next hunt, be sure to equip yourself for success with a quality set of Crispi Guide GTX boots and conquer any terrain that lies before you.

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  • 3 Flex Rating
  • ABSS Ankle Support System
  • Board Lasting Mechanical Construction
  • Crispi Crossbow Frame
  • Dual Tech Lining
  • Non-Insulated
  • Water-Repellent Nubuk leather upper 
  • Removable Crispi® Air Mesh Footbed
  • Rubber Rand Heel to Toe
  • Height: 10 Inches
  • Weight: ~ 1.9 lbs