Bergara B-14 HMR Wilderness Carbon Rifle

Brand: Bergara

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HMR rifles have garnered global respect as one of our most popular models, thanks to superb ergonomics and accuracy. New for 2023, we’ve added a carbon fiber barrel. Enjoy the weight savings and increased accuracy needed for the most extreme environments.

Bergara’s reputation is based on the best drilling, honing, and rifling processes that guarantee sub-MOA precision. The No. 6 carbon fiber barrel with 410 stainless is equipped with a threaded 5/8-24 Omni muzzle brake, in (20, 22 or 24 inches, depending on the caliber).

All Wilderness Series rifles are complete with our own super-smooth B-14 Action in Sniper Grey Cerakote® finishes for advanced protection in extremely harsh weather. This two-lug system with a sliding plate extractor and a coned bolt nose and breech to ensure a smooth feeding and extraction of the cartridge.

A 5-round AICS detachable magazine is standard with our Wilderness HMR rifle (3 round mag: 6.5PRC)

*7 PRC will come with a CIP Accurate-Mag Magazine.