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Williams™ Night Sight - Triton Series For Glock

Night sights are an incredibly potent tool for self-defense handguns and few companies make them as well as Williams Gun Sight Company. These Triton Pro Series Night Sights feature tritium inserts that glow on their own without the need for batteries or to be left in the sunlight to charge up. This sight system is designed to give you the edge in situations where it counts.

Williams Triton series sights include Swiss Tritium lamps that provide high visibility in any lighting scenario. The tritium lamps include an aluminum sleeve and sapphire glass window providing equal light distribution and protection from cleaning solvents and debris.

As many people are already aware a lot of crimes happen at night and having a sight set that you can actually see and be able to put on target in those dark situations can mean the difference between life and death. Williams has once again stepped up to the call and delivered a quality and reliable night sight that you can trust to perform no matter the circumstance.

These sights are constructed from incredibly strong and durable aircraft-grade aluminum and are CNC machined to perfect standards and tolerances. The tritium inserts are carefully protected by a full aluminum housing to prevent damage from daily carry and use.

This set features a yellow-colored tritium insert to provide excellent visibility in the complete dark or in broad daylight.

Both sights feature standard Glock mounting dovetails and there are a few options available depending on the model of Glock pistol you wish to install the sights on.

When it comes to sights for a pistol designed for concealment, the profile matters. These sights feature flat edges so that in an emergency situation the gun can be racked with just one hand, by pressing the sights against a belt or pants pocket to rack.

It is important to remember that bad guys don't follow the rules and you may only have fractions of a second to respond to a threat. It is therefore imperative to provide yourself with every advantage that you can to ensure the best possible outcome. While sights can't fix everything they can go a long way to making your firearm much more reliable.

Williams gun sights are superior to many fiber optic sight options on the market due to their composition and manufacturing process. Manufactured right here in the United States of America, you can be confident that these sights are built to last and will perform in the most strenuous of circumstances. Unlike cheaply made overseas sights Willaims offers sights you can be proud to put on your firearm.

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