Warne™ 30mm Tikka, PA, Med Matte Rings

Brand: Warne

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Warne™ 30mm Tikka, PA, Med Matte Rings

The Warne™ 30mm Tikka, PA, Med Matte Rings are able to fit right onto the receiver’s dovetail with no need for a mounting base.
The Tikka Fixed Rings utilize 4 T-15 Torx style socket cap screws for secure and permanent optics mounting and also feature a redesigned recoil pin to provide a stronger bearing surface for higher recoiling rifles.


  • Permanently attaches to base.
  • Tikka specific recoil pin for positive engagement of ring to receiver dovetail.
  • Rings securely mount around scope using 4 Torx style T-15 socket cap screws, 25 in/lb. of torque recommended.