Vortex™ Razor® HD Gen II 1-6x24mm - VMR-2 MOA, VMR-2 MRAD and JM-1 BDC

Brand: Vortex

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Vortex™ Razor® HD Gen II 1-6x24mm

The Vortex™ Razor® HD Gen II is the top of the line offering from Vortex™. The Vortex™ Razor® HD Gen II features the XR™ Plus fully multi-coated lenses, L-Tec™ turrets, APO color correction technology and First Focal Plane reticles to maintain sub-tensions. In addition to these great features, the Vortex™ Razor® HD Gen II scopes are created to last and hold up to extreme weather conditions.

The XR™ Plus fully multicoated lenses work in tandem with the APO (Apochromatic) lens system to deliver the highest level of light transmission for maximum brightness and stunning clarity. With high-quality glass and light transmission, Vortex™ sets its optics apart from the competition.

Vortex™ offers their L-Tec™ Turret dial system on the Razor® HD Gen II. The L-Tec™ Turret system allows the shooter to dial in the exact elevation and windage adjustments needed to make long distance and close shots alike. With the L-Tec™ integrated locking turrets; shooters can ensure their adjustments will stay on target without risk of accidental adjustments.

Finally, the Vortex™ Razor® HD Gen II riflescope is offered with a First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle. The FFP reticle is located in the front of the erector tube near the windage and elevation turrets. This allows shooters to maintain consistent sub-tensions when adjusting between different magnifications.

Designed for top tier performance at long distances and short distances alike the Vortex™ Razor® HD Gen II will perform in the most strenuous circumstances. With a rugged design and coated lens objectives, the Vortex™ Razor® HD Gen II is extremely durable and designed for rugged use in any weather conditions.