Vortex™ Golden Eagle® HD 15-60x52mm ECR-1 SFP MOA and SCR-1 SFP MOA

Brand: Vortex

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Vortex™ Golden Eagle® HD 15-60x52mm

The Vortex™ Golden Eagle® HD riflescope is designed for the elite competition shooter. Combining rugged construction with fine attention to detail the Vortex™ Golden Eagle® HD ensures you are ready for the next competition. The Vortex™ Golden Eagle® HD features XR™ Plus and APO treated lenses, ArmorTek® scratch protection, HD (High Density) glass and includes a 10 MOA windage turret.        

Vortex HD glass is premium glass that minimizes light dispersion creating an optic system that offers extreme clarity and resolution. The HD glass also maintains color fidelity resulting in high-definition images.

The XR™ Plus fully multicoated lenses offer the shooter superior visibility by delivering the highest level of light transmission for maximum brightness and stunning clarity. With high-quality glass and light transmission, Vortex™ sets its optics apart from the competition. Additionally, the Vortex™ Golden Eagle® HD features lenses that are protected by the Vortex™ ArmorTek® keeping the lenses from scratching and protecting them from oil and dirt.      

Designed for top tier performance at long distances the Vortex™ Golden Eagle HD® will perform in the most strenuous circumstances. With a rugged design and coated lens objectives, the Vortex™ Golden Eagle HD® is extremely durable and designed for rugged use in any weather conditions.