Vortex® Razor HD 4000 - Laser Range Finder

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Vortex® Razor HD 4000 Laser Range Finder

The Vortex® Razor HD 4000 Laser Range Finder is the ultimate long-range laser range finder in the Vortex® lineup. Designed to have a maximum reading distance of 4000 yards, the Razor HD 4000 is equipped to offer rapid target distance and incredible accuracy. The Razor HD 4000 range finder is set at 7x's magnification, which helps in precision aiming at longer ranges. The Razor HD weighs in at an ultra-light 9.9 ounces to ensure you aren't packing around unnecessary extra weight.

The Vortex® Razor HD 4000 Laser Range Finder offers the user a maximum reading distance of 4000 yards on reflective surfaces, 2500 yards on trees and similar surfaces, and most impressively a deer sized target reading distance of up to 2200 yards. The minimum reading distance of the Vortex® Razor HD 4000 is 5 yards, allowing you to use this range finder for both archery and long-range rifle hunting and shooting.

In addition to the incredible distances the Razor HD 4000 range finder can read, the range finder is also equipped with angle compensating technology to ensure you get an accurate reading on every target. The angle compensating technology removes the difficult math work needed to calculate ranges at various angles that was required on older range finders. If you prefer, this range finder also allows for line of sight ranging, which will take out the angle compensation.

Another important feature in the Razor HD range finder is the four different laser modes. Prioritizing the different feedback settings with the laser can be beneficial, depending on the conditions that you are hunting or shooting. First Mode will give the reading of the first object that the laser comes in contact with. This can be helpful for many different hunting scenarios, especially if you are ranging an animal with lots of trees or brush behind it at longer distances. The Last Mode is great for ranging through brush and other objects, to get the furthest yardage that the laser hits. In Last Mode, if a deer is standing behind several trees, the laser will read the deer as the last object, instead of reading the trees and giving you an incorrect reading. In Normal Mode, the Razor HD 4000 combines the Last and First modes for a more even response. If you’re shooting long range, then you would want to put the range finder in Extended Laser Range Mode. This mode will concentrate the beam more and allow the laser to reach out further and give you a better and more accurate response.

Rounding out the great features of the Vortex® Razor HD 4000 is the fully waterproof construction, utility clip, tripod adaptability, and premium HD optical systems. This range finder will offer hunters and shooters of all disciplines crystal clear, bright sight pictures for rapid and accurate target acquisition. All of these great features combine to make the ultimate laser range finder platform for serious hunters and shooters alike.