Vortex® Razor™ UHD Binoculars - 8x42, 10x42, 12x50 & 18x56

Brand: Vortex

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Vortex® Razor™ UHD Binoculars

The Vortex® Razor™ UHD Binoculars are packed with top tier features that set them apart from the competition. Built rugged and extra durable the Vortex® Razor™ UHD Binoculars can take a beating and keep functioning as needed. The highest quality glass is used in the Razor™ UHD binocular giving it superior optical quality while preserving natural coloring of terrain and reducing chromatic aberration.

The lenses are treated with XR™ Plus coatings which increase the light transmission of the lenses allowing in greater amounts of light for higher visibility during low-light scenarios. Additionally, Vortex® has crafted the Razor™ UHD binocular prism with multi-layered, dielectric coatings which allow the glass to maintain vivid brightness and clarity, offering a viewing experience unlike any other.

The Vortex® Razor™ UHD Binocular gets its name from the UHD Optical System implemented within the binoculars. UHD stands for Ultra High Definition and is a combination of extremely high-quality glass lenses and cutting edge glass treatment processes that create an optical system unlike any other on the market today. The UHD system is protected by a highly durable magnesium chassis and is backed by the Vortex® lifetime warranty, allowing for the utmost confidence in the binocular system.

The exterior of the binocular is covered with rubber armor that not only offers great protection for the optic but also fits comfortably and securely in your hands. The Vortex® Razor™ UHD Binoculars come with a premium harness and case to conveniently store and access your binoculars in the field at the ready whenever you need them. 

For a truly unparalleled optical experience, the Vortex® Razor™ UHD Binoculars are the perfect binocular for everyone. The Razor™ UHD Binocular is offered in 4 great magnification options starting at 8x42 and going up to 18x56. Whether you are hunting, scouting, bird watching or simply enjoying the sights of nature, the Razor™ UHD is the perfect binocular for every application.