Tricer® GTP-I Ultra-Light Weight Backcountry Tripod - 20 oz

Brand: Tricer

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Tricer® is an innovator in the backcountry tripod market. Striving to reduce tripod weight as much as absolutely possible their innovative designs have revolutionized the tripod for the serious backcountry hunter or photographer.

The GTP-I design is the world's lightest fully-functional tripod and features all position adjustment ranges to accommodate sitting or standing while in use. Tricer® is able to reduce the weight significantly by removing two of the tripod legs and replacing them with adapters for your trekking poles, thus fully utilizing the equipment you are already taking out to the field. As you can see in the second photo on this page the adapters accept the trekking poles to make them into the second two legs of the tripod. This design system reduces your pack weight by pounds.

This design is ideal for backcountry enthusiasts who need to stabilize optics or photography equipment while maintaining the lightest pack possible. If you have ever spent much time in the backcountry no further explanation is needed, heavy packs make for miserable outings. 

If you are seeking to make every ounce in your pack count and you don't want to sacrifice tripod functionality then the GTP-I is the ideal tripod for you.