Tricer® BC Tripod

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The Tricer-BC tripod is your ultimate companion for backcountry hunting adventures. Engineered for those who demand lightweight gear without compromising stability, the Tricer-BC is a game-changer in the world of tripods.

Designed with the backcountry hunter in mind, the Tricer-BC boasts an ultralightweight construction, tipping the scales at a mere 27 ounces.

At the heart of the Tricer-BC design is its innovative inverted leg system. This revolutionary feature not only reduces weight but also enhances stability to provide you with a rock-solid platform, ensuring your optics and rifle stay steady even in the most rugged terrain.

Gone are the days of relying on flimsy photography tripods with thin legs that wobble at the slightest breeze. The Tricer-BC three-section legs are carefully crafted with varying diameters: a robust 1 1/8" leg firmly planted on the ground, a sturdy 1" middle section, and a sleek 7/8" leg at the head. This intelligent design distributes weight efficiently, delivering unmatched stability when you need it most.

Whether you're scanning the horizon or taking that perfect shot, the Tricer-BC is up to the task. With its ability to effortlessly support any optic or rifle you attach, you can focus on your hunt without worrying about equipment failure.

Experience the freedom of going ultralight without compromising on performance. Choose the Tricer-BC and elevate your backcountry hunting experience to new heights.


8x Carbon Fiber Construction
Inverted 3 Section Legs (7/8" - 1" - 1 1/8")
Weight: 27oz (9" Center Column) or 26.6oz (4" Center Column)
9" Center Column With Hang Hook
Includes Extra 4" Center Column For Shooting Prone or Saving Weight
40" Max Height
15" Collapsed Height with legs 180 Folded
17" Collapsed Folded Standard
Diameter of a Nalgene
1/4 Turn Twist Locks
26.4lbs Weight Capacity
Reversible Stud 1/4x20 or 3/8x16
Head Located Twist Locs

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