Traditions™ Williams® Precision Ace In The Hole Picatinny Rail Sight - For Traditons™ Vortek, Pursuit & Buckstalker Rifles - 623278

Brand: Williams

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The Traditions™ Williams® Percision “Ace in the Hole” Scope Rail offers unquestionable advantages and improvements over open sights. Made specifically for use with Traditions™ Muzzleloader Rifles, this receiver-mounted, metal aperture sight is optically superior to open sights in accuracy. The closer the aperture is to your eye, the faster you acquire your shot, obscuring much less of your target and the surrounding area. Plus this sight allows accurate, repeatable, wind and elevation adjustments.

Williams® “Ace in the Hole” Rail Sight™ provides the perfect solution for mounting optics and retaining iron sights. Machined to standard 1913 picatinny rail specifications, the rail features cross slots for versatile mounting options, while at the same time, if something happens to your primary sighting option, you have an “Ace in the Hole” backup aperture sight. Ideal for scopes, red dot sights and tactical optics, this 3/8 x .093 aperture peep sight accepts the Williams™ ghost ring aperture as well.

Sight your rifle in faster no matter what the configuration. Remove a huge amount of aiming error, and improve the focus of your sight by increasing your sight radius, plus eliminate rear light reflection. With Traditions™ Williams® “Ace in the Hole”™ picatinny rail sight, a longer sight radius with faster target acquisition equals undoubtedly more accurate shooting. Model 623278 fits the Traditions™ Vortek, Pursuit and Buckstalker Models.

***Williams® Sights are fabricated from durable CNC machined metal.