Seekins™ Precision HAVAK Element Rifle - 6.5 PRC - Mountain Shadow Camo

Brand: Seekins

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The Seekins Precision HAVAK Element Rifle is the latest rifle in Seekins' unrivaled series of precision weapons. This rifle combines extreme accuracy with an ultra-light-weight platform designed for serious backcountry hunters.

Weighing in at a jaw-dropping 5.5 lbs, the 6.5 PRC HAVAK Element rifle is undoubtedly the lightest long-range hunting rifle on the market.

These rifles feature aerospace grade 7075 aluminum to encase high-strength stainless steel coupled with the Seekins Mountain Hunter contoured fluted barrel, for ultimate strength and weight reduction. This rifle not only is super lightweight but is also durable and reliable in the most stringent weather conditions.

If you are looking to up your hunting game, and reduce your pack weight the Seekins Precision HAVAK Element Rifle is the gun for you. When it comes to long hikes in rugged terrain, every hunter knows that every ounce counts in pack weight. The lighter your gear, the further you can go, the greater your chances of success become. Don't let a heavy rifle keep you from tackling that one last ridge top any longer. Improve your setup today and see the difference for yourself.


 Barrel Length 21 Inches
Capacity 3 Round - Carbon Fiber Magazine
Caliber 6.5 PRC
Twist Rate 1:8
Weight 5.5 LBS
Adjustable Trigger 2.5 LBS - 5 LBS
Threaded Muzzle 5/8x24
Stock Seekins Carbon Composite
Integrated Recoil Lug Yes
Integrated Bubble Level Yes
Integrated Rail 20 MOA
Extractor M16 Style
Locking Lugs 4
Bolt Throw 90 Degree
Removable Bolt Head Yes
COAL 3.14 Inches