Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls® Pack A Bull Elk Bugle System

Brand: Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

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Rocky Mountain Calls Pack A Bull Elk Bugle

The Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Pack A Bull Elk Bugle System is a perfect compact elk bugle system for experienced and novice hunters alike. The efficient design makes this call perfect for hunters who need light-weight and compact gear.

The Pack A Bull Elk Bugle is a small call that offers great deep bull Bugle sounds that nicely imitate smaller/younger bulls as well as distant satellite bulls. The tube is expandable for quick deployment and can be easily collapsed to store away when on the move.

The call features the Conqueror mouthpiece that is designed with a removable/replaceable reed so you can keep your calls sounding great for multiple seasons of use. If you prefer to use a diaphragm call the Conqueror mouthpiece can be easily removed allowing the tube to be used as an amplifier for a diaphragm call.

For highly realistic and dependable sounding calls Rocky Mountain Calls are among the best in the industry. Get ready for your upcoming hunting season with top tier calls from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls®.

Usage Difficulty Level: Novice