Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls® Elk Camp Diaphragm Elk Call

Brand: Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

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Rocky Mountain Calls Elk Camp Diaphragm Elk Call

The Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Elk Camp Diaphragm Elk Call is a single latex call built on the Rocky Moutain Calls GTP frame. The call reproduces extremely accurate estrus cries of a cow elk in heat and can also reproduce mews, chirps, and whines for a great range of calls. 

The Elk Camp Diaphragm Elk call is expertly constructed and designed to be placed further forward in your mouth. This allows you to use the call with greater comfort and prevents gagging, additionally, the further forward placement of the call allows you to gain easier control of the latex for precise calling. To use the call simply place the call upwards to the roof of your mouth with the latex surface facing down and the open end of the diaphragm facing the front of your mouth. Make sure the call is placed just behind your front teeth for best results.

For highly realistic and dependable sounding calls Rocky Mountain Calls are among the best in the industry. Get ready for your upcoming hunting season with top tier calls from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls®.

Usage Difficulty Level: Novice