MuzzleTech Felt Bore Cleaning Pellets - 6MM - 50 Pack - MZ1226

Brand: MuzzleTech

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MuzzleTech Felt Cleaning Pellets are designed to clean and season your rifle’s bore. The 50-pack of bore cleaning pellets are designed to fit 6MM caliber barrels.

These felt cleaning pellets are furry soft, yet durable and will work with our 8-32 or 10-32 threaded brass jags. The Felt Cleaning Pellets are the tool of choice for cleaning and seasoning rifle or pistol barrels.

The jag needed for these pellets is sold separately.


1. Thread the brass jag onto a cleaning rod.

2. Thread one or two felt cleaning pellets onto the long end of the brass jag.

2. Slide the cleaning pellets and jag and cleaning rod into the barrel.

3. Run the cleaning pellets down the entire length of the barrel and back up.

4. Repeat step 3 until the bore is free of powder residue and debris.

Note: We recommend using the felt pellets after using a bore brush for best results.

**Always use caution when cleaning a firearm