Montana X-Treme® Bore Conditioner Accuracy Gun Oil 6 oz. Liquid - 07030

Brand: Blackhorn 209

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Montana X-Treme® Bore Conditioner is a specially formulated, bore lubricant designed for maintaining consistent accuracy in modern precision-made, match grade barrels. The bore conditioner is an ultra-refined, low-residue oil engineered to eliminate gumming or congealing in your barrel. This formula contains no PTFE, silicones or synthetics of any kind, all of which leave residue behind that can affect accuracy.

To keep your firearm in pristine shooting condition, use the Montana X-treme® Copper Killer Solvent or X-treme® Bore Solvent to remove copper fouling and powder residue from the barrel bore. Finish your clean, smooth bore with Montana X-treme® Bore Conditioner to condition and protect your firearm’s metal bore, so your firearm is ready to go when you are.

***Always use caution when loading firearm