Montana X-Treme® Bore Cleaning Solvent - 07005

Brand: Blackhorn 209

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The Montana X-treme® Bore Solvent is a non-abrasive, industrial-strength solvent that breaks down and removes copper fouling and powder from the bore of your rifle barrel. The solvent’s specially formulated ammonia oil is strong enough to vaporize stubborn copper fouling, yet has no adverse effect on barrel metal. Plus this solvent contains no acids, amines or chlorides that can etch the rifling.

The single, most important factor in consistent precision shooting is the management of copper and black powder fouling. Nothing destroys a gun’s accuracy or pattern faster or ruins a barrel sooner than fouling. This heavy fouling has undoubtedly retired more guns than worn barrels.

Powder residue in the barrel is a curse in any type of firearm. Rifles add copper or lead fouling. In Shotguns, powder mixes with plastic wad residue. Powder residue gets burnt and ironed into the walls of the bore every time a bullet passes over it. Copper and lead are left in the barrel in the form of a thin, smeared wash. Plastic wad residue is melted into the powder residue in much the same way.

Fouling starts with your first shot and increases every time you squeeze the trigger. The result in Rifles is a sandwich effect of powder and gilded metals, while in Shotguns, it’s powder and melted plastic. The fouling attracts moisture and traps it against the barrel walls. Buried rifling can not spin your bullets as they travel down the barrel and without spin to stabilize their flight, your bullets will be all over the target or will miss it altogether.

Montana X-treme® Bore Solvent is engineered to tackle the toughest copper and powder fouling, and is incredible for removing built-up fouling inside neglected bores. Use the X-treme® Bore Solvent with bore brushes and patches during routine cleaning of your firearm for a clean, smooth bore. This remarkable solvent comes in a 6 oz. or 20 oz. bottle for your convenience.

***Always use caution when loading firearm