Montana™ X-Treme .44 to .50 Caliber Cleaning Jag for Rifles

Brand: Blackhorn 209

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Montana X-Treme’s® Cleaning Jag’s unique, “Patch Grabber” design guarantees cleaning patches stay put during vigorous cleaning. The innovative, alternating direction of opposing barbs grip patches securely in place and provide more surface contact with patches, while allowing both pushing and pulling strokes over heavily fouled areas of the bore.

The cleaning jag is CNC-machined from solid brass and features a radius-cut reinforced tip to resist bending and breakage. Plus each jag is laser engraved for easy caliber identification of either .44/45 or .50 caliber. The Montana X-Treme® cleaning jag comes with standard 8x32 threading to attach to your ramrod. To get the best job done quickly and easily, you’ll be impressed the way your cleaning patch wraps around this jag. Hands down, the best jag in your arsenal.

***Always use caution when loading firearm