Lyman™ Pachmayr Grip Extender for Glock 26-27, Fits Mags 17-22

Brand: Pachmayr

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Lyman™ Pachmayr Grip Extender for Glock 26/27, Fits Mags 17/22

This Lyman Pachmayr™ Grip Extenders are a slip on collar that fills the space between a compact frame and bottom of a full-sized magazine to make a comfortable, hand-filling grip. This grip extender is made to fit full-sized, standard capacity Glock 17/22 magazines to adapt them for use in your Glock 26/27 compact pistol. Grip extensions create more grip surface when shooting with a standard magazine giving you the benefit of greater control in addition to the greater capacity of the standard magazine. This allows for greater capacity and control when carrying concealed with a standard capacity magazine in your Glock 26/27 handgun, or when using an extended magazine at the range. Lyman Pachmayr's™ Grip Extenders simply slide over the magazine to give you a secure grip and perfect fit. Ideal when using full-size magazines as backup.