Lyman® 57 SML Adjustable Rear Sights - Fits Lyman Deerstalker & Trade Rifle

Brand: Lyman

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The Lyman® 57 SML Receiver Sight is rugged and precise with minimal protrusion, machined to hug your receiver for the lowest line of sight. Adjustable aperture affords a large field of view and quick target acquisition. Lyman's most popular receiver sight offers immediate improvement in accuracy for any target practice or serious hunting.

The 57 SML Sight features ¼-inch minute, micrometer click adjustments for elevation and wind change, as well as a quick release slide. Plus elevation stop screw permits instantaneous return to zero.

Lyman Adjustable Rear Sight can be mounted without any modification on the Lyman Deerstalker and Lyman Trade Rifles. The 57 SML sight also fit Thompson Center Hawken and similar rifles. Simply remove the dummy screws and attach the sight base with screws supplied with the sight.

***Lyman® Sights are fabricated from durable machined metal.