Lapua 308 Winchester Reloading Brass - 100 Count - Box Included

Brand: Lapua

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Lapua reloading brass is made from the finest brass in the world for the unique purpose of offering premium reloading brass casings.

Lapua 308 brass is perfectly formulated to have just the right amount of hardness, firmness and molecular grain structure for elite performance over many reloads. This is combined with superior machining to ensure unparalleled dimensional tolerances.

This is the very brass used by World Champion shooters everywhere and by many serious competitors and hunters. When it comes to reloads the serious sportsman/woman knows that you need to have the best and most consistent brass in combination with other premium components to achieve the best results.

It is worth noting that 17 of the 20 top 13.5 Class shooters in the American Bench Rest Championships used Lapua brass. Additionally, the top 20 10.5 Class shooters used Lapua brass exclusively.

If you want to up your game, Lapua brass is the way to go.

This listing is for Lapua .308 Win reloadable brass casings. 100 casings come in the blue cartridge box shown in the images.