Hornady® SST Bullet - .30 Cal/.308" - 150 Grain - 30302

Brand: Hornady

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Hornady® SST Bullets are designed to hit hard and provide devastating performance on target. The SST® (Super Shock Tip) provides tremendous shock on impact providing fast and lethal stopping power.

Product Features

Polymer Tip: On impact, the tough polymer tip pushes back into the lead core of the bullet to initiate fast and controlled expansion.

Secant Ogive, Boat Tail Profile: Incorporating the pioneering Hornady secant ogive design, the tapered point, increased bearing surface and more aerodynamic profile, combined with a boattail base, makes the SST® more efficient with less drag and greater stability.

Cannelure: The mid-body cannelure keeps the core and jacket together while providing a consistent and accurate crimp during loading.

Interlock® Ring: This Hornady exclusive design mechanically locks the core and jacket together to maintain bullet integrity during expansion, ensuring maximum weight retention and increasing the chances of complete pass-throughs.