Hornady® CX™ Copper Alloy Hunting Bullet - 6.5mm/.264" - 130 Grain - 26178

Brand: Hornady

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The Hornady® CX™ bullets are made of an expanding copper alloy that meet the regulatory needs of states and hunting areas that prohibit the use of leaded bullets. Additionally these bullets provide a solid monolithic design for hunters who prefer to shoot solid bullets that hit hard and offer superior on target penetrating power.

Product Features

Monolithic Copper Ally Composition: A one piece copper alloy bullet that will not separate and will deliver devastating on target performance, deep penetration and is built to retain 95% of its original weight after impact.

Heat Shield® Tip: Heat resistant ballistic tip design that provides for greater consistency and higher BC's for the bullet along the entire flight path.

Optimum Groove Geometry: The CX™ bullet features grooves that are carefully engineered to maximize aerodynamic performance, reduce fouling and decrease the bearing surface.

Non-Lead Compliant: This bullet is fully California compliant and works as a great alternative to traditional lead cored bullets.