Hornady® Auto Charge Pro Powder Thrower - H050053

Brand: Hornady

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The Hornady® Auto Charge Pro is a compact space saving powder measuring system perfect for hobby reloaders with a limited work area. Designed to offer precise and customizable powder measurements the Auto Charge Pro is an ideal instrument for anyone in need of an easy to use system that provides top tier results.

This system is designed to dispense precise powder measurements consistently staying within 0.1 grains of weight variation between measurements and has adjustable trickle speeds to accommodate a variety of powder types. Additionally the Auto Charge Pro can store up to four custom settings or function with the standard factory setting. The system offers an intuitive backlit touch screen that is easy to read and use. 

Another thoughtful feature that Hornady® has integrated into the design of this system is a large powder knob on the side of the device. This allows for quick and easy powder emptying when you need to change powders out.