Hornady® Lock-N-Load™ AP™ Ez-ject Loader - 95100

Brand: Hornady

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Hornady® Lock-N-Load™ AP™ Ez-ject Loader - 95100

The Hornady® Lock-N-Load™ AP™ Ez-ject Loader - 95100 Progressive Press is an automatic 5-station press that is full of innovative features. The press features include; Lock-N-Load quick change technology, fully automatic indexing, 5-station die platform that accepts standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies, and the EZ-ject System that delivers 100% reliable cartridge ejection. This press is capable of loading rifle and handgun cartridges with ease. 


  • Lock-N-Load powder measure
  • rifle and pistol metering assemblies
  • case activated powder drop and linkage
  • cartridge catcher
  • large and small primer pickup tubes
  • 5 Lock-N-Load Bushings
  • So the only thing left to purchase is the easy access shell plate, dies, and any additional bushings you'll need for additional calibers.

Technical Information

  • Press Type: Progressive Press
  • Frame Material: Cast Alloy 
  • Frame Design: O-Frame 
  • Handle Location: Bottom Right 
  • Die Size Accepted: Any standard 7/8"-14 threaded die 
  • Die Bushing Accepted: Yes
  • Die Bushing Brand Used: Hornady 
  • Spent Primer Collection System: Plastic tube that can be set to drop primers into trash
  • Priming Feature: Automatic
  • Number of Stations: 5 
  • Number of Mounting Holes: 
  • Mounting Hardware Included: No, users need 1/2" thick bolts to go through press and bench. 
  • Warranty: Lifetime Factory 


The EZ-ject system is designed to work with updated shell plates. Earlier version shell plates are not adaptable with the EZ-ject system. To tell if shell plates need to be updated, turn the shell plate upside down and look for a groove that runs in a circular pattern around the shell plate. For further instruction please refer to the "what to look for" link below. If there is no groove present Hornady will modify old shell plates to work with the EZ-ject system. Hornady Suggests Spraying all metal parts with Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner-Degreaser and Dry Lubricant before using the press (Sold Separately)