Hornady® Lock-N-Load™ Ammo Plant (AP, Pistol Bullet and Case Feeders) 110 Volt - 95160

Brand: Hornady

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Hornady® Lock-N-Load™ Ammo Plant (AP, Pistol Bullet and Case Feeders) 110 Volt - 95160

The Hornady® Lock-N-Load™ Ammo Plant (AP, Pistol Bullet, and Case Feeders) 110 Volt - 95160 turns any reloading bench into the ultimate reloading factory. This kit combines all of the innovative features found on the Lock-N-Load AP including automatic indexing and 5 die stations with the Hornady automatic bullet feeder and automatic case feeder. 

The Lock-N-Load AP press features include; Lock-N-Load quick change technology, fully automatic indexing, 5-station die platform that accepts standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies, and the EZ-ject System that delivers 100% reliable cartridge ejection. This press is capable of loading rifle and handgun cartridges with ease. 


  • Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press
  • Lock-N-Load AP Pistol Bullet Feeder
  • Lock-N-Load AP Case Feeder
  • 10 - Die bushings
  • 6 - Case retainer springs
  • 3 - Large cartridge catchers
  • Large Primer Tube
  • Small Primer Tube
  • 3- Large Primer Pickup Tubes
  • 3- Small Primer Pickup Tubes
  • 2 - Primer Slide Springs
  • Pistol Powder Metering Insert
  • Rifle Powder Metering Insert
  • Powder Cop Die
  • Die Wrench
  • Vintage Tin Sign
  • Case Activated Lower Assembly
  • The only thing left to purchase is the easy access shell plate, reloading dies, appropriate case feeder plate, bullet feeder die, and any additional die bushings you'll need

Technical Information

  • Press Type: Progressive Press
  • Frame Material: Cast Alloy 
  • Frame Design: O-Frame 
  • Handle Location: Bottom Right 
  • Die Size Accepted: Any standard 7/8"-14 threaded die 
  • Die Bushing Accepted: Yes
  • Die Bushing Brand Used: Hornady 
  • Priming Feature: Automatic
  • Number of Mounting Holes: 
  • Mounting Hardware Included: Users need 1/2" thick bolts to go through press and bench. 
  • Warranty: Lifetime Factory