Garmin Tactix® 7 Pro Ballistics Edition

Brand: Garmin

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Introducing Garmin's cutting-edge multisport GPS smartwatch, equipped with the latest technology to elevate your outdoor experiences. The centerpiece of this exceptional timepiece is the Power Sapphire™ solar charging lens, harnessing the power of sunlight to keep you connected and ready for any adventure.

Designed for the tactical enthusiast, this smartwatch seamlessly blends traditional buttons with a responsive touchscreen display, offering a user-friendly interface for quick and intuitive navigation. Whether you're a fitness fanatic, an outdoor explorer, or a tactical professional, this watch caters to your diverse needs.

One standout feature is the integrated Applied Ballistics® calculator, powered by Applied Ballistics Elite™ software. Calculate precise long-range shooting solutions on the go, enhancing your accuracy in the field. The smartwatch also boasts advanced training features, mapping capabilities, and music playback, providing a comprehensive set of tools to optimize your outdoor activities.

Say goodbye to battery concerns with an impressive battery life of up to 37 days in smartwatch mode. Let the Power Sapphire™ solar charging lens harvest energy from the sun, ensuring your smartwatch is always ready for action, just like you.

Built to withstand the harshest conditions, this smartwatch combines rugged durability with a premium design. The robust construction ensures it can endure the challenges of your outdoor pursuits while exuding a sophisticated aesthetic.

When night falls, rely on the built-in LED flashlight to illuminate your path, keeping you on track even in the darkest environments. Explore confidently with multi-GNSS satellite reference and outdoor sensors that enhance your navigational capabilities, allowing you to conquer any terrain.

Embrace the power of technology and nature with our multisport GPS smartwatch – a reliable companion for those who demand the best in performance, durability, and innovation. Elevate your outdoor adventures with a timepiece that goes beyond expectations.