Burris Veracity™ PH Riflescope - 4-20x50MM - FFP - HUD Scope

Brand: Burris

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The Burris Veracity™ PH Riflescope is the culmination of years of research and development. In their never-ending push for increased excellence, Burris has launched the Veracity PH which is capturing the attention of the entire hunting industry.

This scope is loaded, but not overly cluttered, with premium features including but not limited to: the new Burris PEK (Programable Elevation Knob) system, HUD (Heads Up Display), and, Wind MOA FFP (First Focal Plane) Reticle.

One of the most exciting features on the new Veracity PH scope is the new Burris PEK system. The PEK provides unmatched dialing precision when used in conjunction with the app. Once you have entered the information into the app, the PEK system will allow you to easily dial in the elevation. The system utilizes a digital sensor coupled with the clickless mechanical elevation turret providing supreme accuracy down to 1/10 MOA. When using the ballistics calculator on the app in combination with the digital elevation turret, dialing to distance has never been faster or easier.

Another fantastic feature of the new Veracity PH is the integrated and informative heads-up-display. When paired up with the BurrisConnect app via Bluetooth® the Veracity PH HUD shows all of the information you need in one uncluttered sight picture. The HUD shows the elevation turret position in yards, meters or MOA, rifle cant, rifle angle, distance-accurate wind holdover and battery level. Providing this information in one clear and concise view provides you with an additional advantage putting you in the best position to capitalize when opportunity strikes.

 Most importantly Burris has built this scope to work no matter the conditions. Even though the scope boasts an impressive digital system, the Veracity PH has been specifically engineered to hold up in the most strenuous of conditions out in the field. The scope can still operate and properly adjust to the correct MOA even with the batteries removed or if they run out of power. 

Once you have uploaded the bullet profile into the scope you will never have to use the app again unless you want to change the ballistics information or settings.