Burris® Eliminator V™ Laser Rangefinding Rifle Scope - 5-20x50mm - 200155

Brand: Burris

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The Burris® Eliminator V™ builds on the outstanding features of its predecessor by adding additional range finding capabilities and improved ballistics calculations. The Eliminator V™ is capable of ranging targets out to 2000 yards and has an upgraded ballistic calculator that now covers even more cartridge and load data, and has an enhanced computer for faster targeting solutions.

The Eliminator V™ is the most technologically advanced scope on the market today and combines the features of a laser range finder, ballistics calculator, and rifle scope to greatly increase hunter success. The overall setup and operation requires very little technical knowledge and is surprisingly simple. All you'll need to set up this scope is a ballistics chart for your preferred cartridge, and the instruction manual will walk you through the rest.

Burris® has made the Eliminator V™ a fun, simple scope to use. You no longer need to sight your rifle in a few inches high at 100 yards. This scope removes the need for BDC-style reticles, which can change depending on magnification. The Eliminator V™ uses patented technology to calculate yardage, angle, and your ballistics, and then gives you a precise hold point. Simply put your crosshairs on target, and press the button on the side of the scope. The scope will instantly go through the calculations for you, give you the yardage readout in the scope, and place an illuminated dot on target so you know the exact hold point. With all of the advanced technology in the Eliminator V™, the greatest feature of this scope is how easy it is to use.

Another outstanding feature of the Burris® Eliminator V™ is the wind map provided with the scope. Once your ballistic data is punched into the scope, you will notice some dots further down in the scope that branch out like a pyramid. These extra dots, that are not illuminated, are to give you reference on wind hold. Depending on the wind speed, you can use between 1 and 4 MOA of wind adjustment. With the Eliminator V™ pushing the ranges of modern rifles, it is extremely important to have these wind measurements preset. This model also comes with a new and improved wireless remote button that can be placed on your stock to allow for a more convenient placement.

The Burris® Eliminator V™ features every bell and whistle you want in the ultimate hunting scope. Range finding technology, paired with ballistics calculations and superb Burris™ glass definitely outfits this scope as one of the most lethal combinations on the market. If you're looking for a technologically advanced scope that will work in any field from the East to West Coast, the Rocky Mountains, or the Coastal Range in Alaska, look no further. The Burris® Eliminator V™ is the most magnificent piece of equipment you will purchase in your lifetime.