Williams™ Browning Buckmark (Rear Sight Length Over 1") - Fiber Optic Ghost Ring Fire Sight Set - 650701

Brand: Williams

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The Williams Ghost Ring & Fiber Optic sight set for Browning Buckmark Pistols is an excellent upgrade to the standard sight set that comes from the factory.

The front fiber optic blade enables for greater visibility of the front sight in a variety of lighting conditions and additionally allows for faster target acquisition.

The rear sight in this set features a non-fiber optic, adjustable ghost ring. The benefits of a ghost ring sight are many, including but not limited to, more natural sight alignment, faster target acquisition times, and a clearer line of sight. With the rear sight being adjustable you can quickly dial your pistol in and ensure it stays on target at the desired range.

These high-performance sights are built to last and are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. If any part of the sight malfunctions or breaks from standard use Williams backs up their product and will ensure you get a replacement to get you back up and running in no time.