Bergara® BXR .22 LR Semi-Auto Rifle - Chrome Molly Steel - Cerakote™ Finish

Brand: Bergara

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Bergara® BXR™ 22 Semi-Auto Rifle Chrome Molly Barrel

The Bergara® BXR™ 22 Rifle is a brand new gun from Bergara®, designed to offer shooters and hunters a high-performance .22 caliber rimfire rifle that is perfect for both target shooting and hunting. The Bergara® BXR™ 22 brings several new and exciting features to the Bergara® rifles line. This is Bergara®’s first-ever rimfire rifle, and they definitely designed what the customers wanted! The Bergara® BXR™ 22 measures 34.5 inches in overall length and comes with three 3/8 inch removable spacers that allow you to adjust the length of pull to ensure a proper fit and enabling the user to maintain greater precision on the gun. The barrel length measures 16.5 inches and features a 1/2x28 threaded muzzle that comes with a thread protector. The BXR™ 22 Rifle weighs in at a light 5.25 lbs, making it a great rifle for hunters and shooters of all experience levels and builds.

The BXR™ 22 Rimfire Rifle stock is similar to the Bergara® HMR. This stock features an integrated aluminum mini-chassis for excellent bedding and rigidity for the action. For sling mounting, the BXR offers four flush QD cups as well as two standard swivel studs to allow you to configure the sling in the manner that is most comfortable for you. With the removable spacers, this gun can accommodate between 13 and 14” length of pulls.

The BXR™ 22 Rimfire Rifle is equipped with a 10 shot rotary magazine that is compatible with the Ruger 10/22 platform, making it an excellent rifle for small game and pest hunting as well as target and competition shooting. Using a 10/22 style magazine ensures great availability to magazines of varying sizes. Additionally, the rifle features an integrated 30MOA Picatinny rail located on the receiver of the rifle for either a red dot or scope. The BXR™ 22 features a trigger pull set at 3.5 lbs, offering a crisp pull for maximum accuracy and precision. All of these great features come together to create a superior .22 LR caliber rifle that is great for a vast variety of sporting uses and is a must have rifle for everyone.