Bergara® B-14R™ 22LR Trainer

Brand: Bergara

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Bergara B-14R Trainer 22LR Rimfire Rifle

The all-new Bergara B-14R "Trainer" 22LR Rimfire has been a gun that many have been asking for. The B-14 Trainer is built with competition shooters in mind but will work great for rimfire hunters as well. Many competitors wish to use a smaller caliber like the 22LR to practice shooting in various positions and work on fundamentals, without burning expensive centerfire ammunition. Additionally, 22LR matches in both the PRS and NRL leagues are growing at a rapid pace, and this gun will be a perfect option for those wishing to compete on that level, without breaking the bank.

The B-14R 22LR is built on the HMR stock, which has been a hit since Bergara released the B-14HMR several years ago. This stock offers an integrated aluminum mini-chassis, molded into the stock. This allows for incredible accuracy and repeatability, while still be lighter and more comfortable than a full metal chassis. Additionally, the HMR stock offers multiple sling swivel studs to allow for slings and bipods to be mounted to the stock, as well as flush-cup QD sling attachments, should the shooter prefer that system. The HMR stock has the ability to adjust length of pull, as well as the comb for proper fit to the shooter.

Based on the Remington 700 action, the B-14R will accept any accessories that can bolt onto the Remington’s. This allows for the use of Timney or TriggerTech triggers, plenty of scope mounting options, as well as any chassis that accepts a Remington 700 short action. This gun is designed to be a complete clone of the B-14 centerfire rifles, which allow for a great feel in training. The magazine is even designed to be the size of a standard AICS mag, which allows the shooter to simulate reloading just as if you were using your centerfire rifle.

The Bergara B-14R Rimfire Rifle offers a free-floated Chromoly 18” Bergara barrel, with a ½-28” threaded muzzle to accept a suppressor. With an overall weight of 9.25 pounds, this gun will feel just like the centerfire rifles. The B-14R 22LR ships with a 10-round single-stack magazine. The overall length of the rifle will be 38” with all the spacers installed, which offers a 14” length of pull. With removing all the spacers, the length of pull can be shortened to 13”. The action is drilled and tapped for 6-48 screws on a Remington 700 short action footprint, which is standard for most Rem 700 clone actions.

With the track record that Bergara has for producing accurate rifles, with top-notch customer service, this rifle should be something that every competitor has in their gun safe.