APA - C.H.O.D.E Self Timing Muzzle brake

Brand: American Precision Arms

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C.H.O.D.E - (The Condensed Hyper Optimized Deployment Enhancer)

Through extensive research and testing APA has determined that the first port on the muzzle brake is responsible for the majority of recoil reduction. Keeping that in mind and given the ever increasing barrel lengths of precision long range rifles, APA has developed the C.H.O.D.E Self Timing Muzzle Brake.

The purpose of this compact muzzle brake is to minimize the added length the muzzle brake adds to an already lengthy competition barrel. Now the modern competition shooter has access to a highly effective muzzle brake that will reduce recoil without adding unnecessary length to the barrel.

With this muzzle brake competitors now have the excellent recoil reduction that is desired and the shorter length many shooters need, coupled with Gen 2 timing/locking features for an all around awesome muzzle brake. Pair all of these great features with an exceptionally low price and you have a muzzle brake ready for serious competition shooters.

Product Specifications

Weight: 3.5 oz
Length: 1 & 1/2 Inches
Timing Mechanism: Self Timing