NRL Hunter Leupold Relentless Rifleman - Competition Shoot Debrief

This was a challenging but amazing course of fire on a beautiful ranch in Madras, Oregon.
Shooting with my daughter is one of the greatest joys of my life and we had a ton of fun at this match. Honestly, the community is what keeps us coming back every year. We have made so many friends and it is always great to share in their victories and successes. I was fortunate enough for the last two years to be able to shoot a Pristine action on my competition guns and they have been so amazing and smooth, allowing me to pick up a few extra seconds when it counts. Shooting the 25 Creed was a lot of fun, plus I love Wildcats. This caliber still has a lot to prove in the competition world but I believe that you will see more and more of them as the sport grows.

The first day of the shoot started off pretty good with a clean run on the first stage. I had only fired 50 rounds out of this rifle before the match so I was very pleased with how well it was shooting. The next stage I dropped 2 points and was able to hold that all the way until stage 19. That was a particularly difficult stage for me as the targets were only about 4 inches wide at 400 yards but the wind ultimately won and I ended up dropping 6 points there. The second day I was determined to not drop any points, however, the wind and lift had other plans. I dropped 2 points on a wolf stage that had a complete wind shift and I did not notice until I had already sent two shots. I dropped another 2 points on a buffalo stage where I had a bad wind call on target one and some lift on target two. All in all, it was an amazing time spent with my family and I shot the best match of my life so far! I cannot wait for the next match!

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