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TenPoint Lady Shadow™ Crossbow Package (ACUdraw)

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The TenPoint™ Lady Shadow™ Crossbow Package with ACUdraw is built for the discriminating female hunter, who wants a high performance crossbow and scope tailored to a woman shooter.

TenPoint Lady Shadow™ Crossbow Package (ACUdraw)

The TenPoint™ Lady Shadow™ Crossbow Package with ACUdraw is built for the discriminating female hunter, who wants a high performance crossbow and scope tailored to a woman shooter. The game-changing crossbow offers a sleek design and is one of the lightest crossbows on the market. Setting the bar with a premium crossbow package that showcases TenPoint’s™ latest and greatest technological features, construction is top quality, fit and finish are fantastic, and all safety and anti dry-fire mechanisms work to perfection. The Lady Shadow™ package sports the popular FSB Stock and new weight-shedding carbon-injected polymer barrel. This outstanding stock and barrel combination make for incredible balance and less forward weight than any other crossbow. 

This crossbow’s XLT assembly features an incredible compact 13.5 inch axle-to-axle width when fully cocked, which is ideal for shooting from a treestand or ground blind. The Lady Shadow™ measures just over 34 inches long, from foot stirrup to the rear of the stock. The incredibly short 12.6-inch power stroke is fully capable to zip bolts downrange at up to 350 fps. With a 435 grain hunting arrow this bow is capable of delivering 104 pounds of Kinetic Energy. With a bow this powerful, you can take on any big game in North America. This mega-fast, superlight, ultra-compact model sports all the high performance features for hunters demanding a lightweight, accurate crossbow that is the most efficient model made by TenPoint™ to date. 

The key to success in TenPoint’s™ Lady Shadow™ starts with its FSB stock. Generally used to describe a firearm configuration that places the action behind the trigger, Bullpup Technology makes it possible to shorten the Lady Shadow™, resulting in more maneuverability and less weight. Weighing in at 6.4 pounds, this crossbow is perfect for female hunters, and allows for an easier hold and carry. All design elements from the curvature of the pistol grip, with its optimally positioned comb and length-of-pull, to the cutouts and transitioning thickness is designed to bring stability, accuracy and comfort for the shooter. The rubber safety wings are lightweight and integrated to keep your fingers below the flight deck and string. TenPoint™ has done an outstanding job putting together a bow that any hunter can enjoy at an affordable price.

The patented ACUdraw is a user-friendly cocking mechanism, reducing the draw weight by 50 percent. The ACUdraw mechanism is fully integrated into the stock, with no dangling parts. The ACUdraw ropes retract neatly inside the unit’s housing after cocking for storage, so no tangling or putting away after use. Patented Dry-Fire Inhibitor (DFI™) prevents discharge when the bow is not loaded. Vibra Cush bow-to-barrel mounting system reduces noise and vibration. Over-The-Top (OTT) limb pocket/Zytel® "lift and separate" limb-suspension system separates and isolates the limbs from contact with the riser to reduce sound and vibration. Hydro Decoration is used to finish the integrated stock in Muddy Girl™ camouflage that is a sophisticated camo pattern that is bold, confident and attractive. The camo goes beyond the single shade of pink that is commonly seen in most ladies camo patterns by including many vivid shades of pink and purple combined with bold neutral colors to create a sharp camo pattern that has eye appeal to anyone who loves the outdoors. 

TenPoint’s™ lightweight, aluminum, 3x Pro-View™ Scope, mounted on a machined aluminum fixed dovetail mount, empowers you to get the best possible shot. This scope features an illuminated reticle, with three duplex crosshairs above two black dots at 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-yd. aiming points. Dots can be illuminated to green or red with the turn of a dial and adjust to five brightness settings. This scope features a 1" main tube, and is optimized for bows shooting in the 330 fps range.

A 3-arrow instant detach quiver is included and features an ultra-durable spine and unique flexible rubber loop that allows you to hang the quiver while in a treestand. This quiver comes with 3 mounting positions, which allow you to adjust your orientation to suit your needs. TenPoint’s™ XX75 Magnum 20-inch aluminum bolts are specifically crafted by Easton™, and are engineered to fly straight and hit hard. These durable 436-grain bolts are fletched slightly offset with 3 7/8 inch vanes, feature Omni-Nocks, and 100-grain field points. The Omni-Nock design features three bowstring channels that eliminate indexing problems associated with moon and capture nocks. 

Having the right equipment and quality gear gives you the edge you need to perform well, and the confidence to completely enjoy your hunt. The TenPoint™ Lady Shadow™ Package with ACUdraw 
is precision at its best. With its streamlined PLT bow assembly and FSB stock, and new hybrid carbon-polymer barrel, TenPoint™ produced the most accurate and lightweight crossbow package for the discerning female hunter.

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