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  1. Lyman™ Pachmayr Master Gunsmith Gunlocker Adhesive Kit

    The Lyman™ Pachmayr Master Gunsmith Gunlocker Adhesive Kit 

    • Absorbent felt tags
    • Hold and disperse scents
    • Dip or apply scent and hang from a tree branch
    • Can be used as yardage markers

  2. Lyman™ Pachmayr WIDGET Widget Tool For Colt Govt. Disassembly

    The Lyman™ Pachmayr WIDGET Widget Tool For Colt Govt. Disassembly is designed to depress the 1911 plunger tube spring, simplifying assembly and disassembly.

  3. Lyman™ Fold-Up Hex Key Wrench Set

    The Lyman™ Fold-Up Hex Key Wrench Set contains eight of the most common hex keys found on Lyman (and other manufacturers) reloading equipment. 

  4. Thompson Center® Universal Nipple Wrench for Musket & #11 Percussion Caps - 7064

    The Thompson Center® Universal Nipple Wrench is manufactured from high-quality, hardened steel. This durable, T/C® Wrench fits all #11 nipples except the Thompson Center® Scout™ Rifle.

  5. Traditions™ Deluxe Nipple Wrench

    The Traditions™ Deluxe Steel Nipple Wrench makes it easy to install and remove nipples on any sidelock muzzleloader. The slotted wrench design fits perfectly around your breech plug and nipple.

  6. Lyman™ Die Locking Ring Wrench

    Lyman™ Die Locking Ring Wrench is the perfect tool for tightening and adjusting many parts on standard Lyman reloading dies.

  7. Lyman™ Black Powder Rifle Nipple Wrench for #11 Percussion Caps

    The Lyman™ Black Powder Rifle Nipple Wrench for #11 Percussion Caps makes fast work of removing and installing #11 nipples and works for any muzzleloading rifle that uses #11 nipples. 

  8. CVA™ Breech Plug & Nipple Wrench

    The CVA Breech Plug and Nipple Wrench is designed to assist in the breech removal of all CVA In-Line rifles. This steel wrench helps remove your breech plug with ease.

  9. Lyman™ Chamfer Tool VLD

    Lyman™ Chamfer Tool VLD is precision machined and hardened with a 22-degree angle cutter allowing bullets to slide in without deforming bullets or case mouths.

  10. Lyman™ Outside Chamfer and Deburring Tool

    Lyman™ Outside Chamfer and Deburring Tool is perfect for removing excess brass from trimmed cases. It easily deburrs the outside case mouth leaving a smooth even finish. 



Items 1 to 10 of 39 total

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