Williams™ WGOS-Octagon-T-C Open Sight Less Blade - 36981

Brand: Williams

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Williams™ WGOS-Octagon-T/C Open Sight Less Blade

The Williams™ WGOS-Octagon-T/C 36981 is specifically designed to accommodate putting open sights on an octagon barrel. The Williams™ WGOS-Octagon-T/C sight less blade allows you to have a sturdy, dependable mount to attach a variety of open rear open sights. With the Williams™ WGOS-Octagon-T/C on your gun you will be able to move between fiber optic sights to peep sights with ease, and without having to remove the entire base.

The Williams™ WGOS-Octagon-T/C 36981 fits the following firearms:

  • Thompson Center firearms with an octagon barrel

The Williams™ WGOS-Octagon-T/C 36981 DOES NOT fit any other firearms than those listed above.