Williams™ SHORTY RAMP - 9-32"

Brand: Williams

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Williams™ SHORTY RAMP - 9/32"

The Williams™ SHORTY RAMP - 9/32" are shortened versions of the popular streamlined ramp, with added serrations to help cut glare in bright sunlight. These ramps can be screwed on, sweated on, or installed with an optional 3/8" dovetail lock.

Technical Information

Material: Strong steel

Finish: Blued


  • Shorter version of the popular streamlined ramp
  • Ramp is a hoodless design
  • Can be screwed on, sweated on, or installed with an optional dovetail filler block to attach to existing dovetail.
  • Gunsmithing Required

Customer Reviews

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This is the perfect ramp ...

This is the perfect ramp for converting a .410Bore plain barrel shotgun (no vent rib) to rifle sights.

The ramp worked as ...

The ramp worked as expected. The reason I did not give it five stars is the screw has a very narrow and shallow slot. A jewelers screwdriver or a European bit has to be used. A standard bit, even a thin one, will not fit. I used the 180-1 bit. Be careful not to damage the slot by over tightening or letting the screwdriver slip out of the slot. Be sure to order a front sight with a width of 0.25\" or the sight will be too wide for the ramp.